National Marina Day Event: June 13, 2015 at Harbortown Marina

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What is National Marina Day?

Each year, in every corner of the country, marine businesses collaborate to hold events designed to introduce the public to boating. Some of the goals of National Marina Day include raising awareness of standard boating safety procedures, growing the boating population across North America, and just celebrating the “Life on the Water” lifestyle that so many of us enjoy.


What’s Happening at Harbortown Marina on National Marina Day 2015?

On National Marina Day, splash your boat or visit Harbortown to fill up on our ethanol-free fuel and receive FREE Hot Dogs for you and your crew! It’s well-known that we have the cheapest fuel on the Space Coast, and you can save an extra 5 cents per gallon when you sign up for Harbortown Rewards.

From there, if you’d like to step off your boat for a complimentary behind-the-scenes tour of the marina, one of our crew members will be happy to take you around, and buy you a drink at Nautical Spirits Bar & Grill (the on-site restaurant) afterward.

Hot dogs are provided for all; however, the complimentary tour and drink offer is only valid for those that are not currently a customer of Harbortown Marina.

We Hope to See You at Harbortown for National Marina Day on Saturday, June 13, 2015!

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Visit view a list of 2015 participants and partners, or to get more information about National Marina Day!

Summer Boating Special: Join us for “Lazy Summer Dayz” at Harbortown Marina

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Just in time for summer, Harbortown Marina has a special offer for new boaters!

If you’re looking for a place to store your boat near Port Canaveral this summer, Harbortown Marina has a special offer on new summer boating contracts:

Get 30% OFF the first 2 months on a 6-month contract, OR get 50% off the first 2 months on an annual contract!

Offer valid for new customers only.

Located on the Barge Canal, between the Indian and Banana rivers, Harbortown Marina is just 2.5 miles west of Port Canaveral. Enjoy prime flats fishing spots nearby, or make a short trip through the Canaveral Lock to the ocean for your trolling pleasure.

For more information about the Sizzlin’ Summer Special, contact the office at 321-453-0160 or!

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Find Out What’s to Love about Livin’ the Harbortown Life!

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What’s Biting in Port Canaveral: The Fishing 411 for Spring 2015

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Fishing in Port Canaveral 

With each spring comes the arrival of local angler favorite, the cobia. This popular fish will start showing up near Port Canaveral in February, followed by much better numbers in March as the water temperatures begin rising. Cobia make great visual targets, as they enjoy basking in the springtime sunshine close to the surface.  Look for large manta rays and slowly approach them ready to cast near them if you see a cobia running by their side.

A fairly large fish, cobia may resemble sharks to the untrained eye, but look closely and you’ll notice the  brown color characteristic of the cobia. How big are cobia? Well, the average spring cobia caught in Port Canaveral weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. This great tasting fish makes a very enjoyable dinner when you catch one.

Generally, Port Canaveral anglers like to use brightly colored ‘cobia’ jigs, such as a Williamson surface pro popper, Storm 5-6 inch swimbait, or Rapala X-Rap lure; anglers have experienced success fishing for cobia with all of these lures. When in doubt, live bait is always a great go-to option if lures fail you. Try live baitfish, crab, or  a live eel and your chances will only increase to have a tight line with a cobia on the other end.

Some other targets for the spring fishing season at Port Canaveral include tripletail, whiting, pompano, and black drum. These can be caught on sand fleas or fresh frozen shrimp on the bottom.   The pompano typically like waters to be about 68 degrees and this time of year they are migrating north as the water warms up.

Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing

Port Canaveral angler snags a spring cobia!

Port Canaveral angler snags a spring cobia!

Which game fish will you run into this spring offshore near Port Canaveral? You might have already guessed it: cobia! As they migrate, cobia frequently swim with larger creatures and objects, so keep an eye out for rays hiding cobia beneath them, or turtles, sharks and even weed lines, buoys and other floatsam.

Choose a nice clear day with minimal cloud coverage for your Port Canaveral offshore cobia fishing trip. Don’t forget your polarized sunglasses, as most of your day will involve spotting cobia from your bow or boat tower.

Keep a couple bucktail lures handy, preferably in chartreuse colors. You can tip them with squid, live crab, shrimp, eel, or plastic curly grubs.

As the season advances, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi) begin stealing some of the glory from the migrating cobia near Port Canaveral.  These swift, acrobatic game fish have striking colors and weigh an average of 15 to 29 pounds, with bulls getting up to 60 pounds. You’ll find mahi-mahi near Port Canaveral from late spring through mid-summer, and then again in the fall.

Port Canaveral anglers usually troll for mahi-mahi with 30-50 pound test tackle and ballyhoo. Once a school of the fish are located, you might try fly casting, using a bait and switch technique, to get them into a feeding frenzy. Ballyhoo or a net full of live sardines tossed into the water can be used in the same manner.

While they are riled up, throw the fly to the feeding mahi-mahi, and be ready for a good fight!

A Quick Word to the Wise: Before heading out on your fishing trip near Port Canaveral, make sure to check out the local Fishing Regulations so that you stay within the law and protect each species of fish for future angling enjoyment. 

Outdoor Cradle Storage for Large Fishing Boats

If you are in the market for a convenient spot to store your over-sized fishing boat near Port Canaveral, look into Harbortown Marina. Cradle storage for large fishing boats is a great option that allows you to keep your boat out of the water when it’s not in use, with the convenience of daily splashing. Plus – It’s a short trip from Harbortown Marina through the Canaveral Lock and out to the ocean for your trolling pleasure.

[View Harbortown Marina’s Current Specials]

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“Spring Forward” at Harbortown Marina

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Are you looking for a new home for your catamaran? Do you have an over-sized fishing boat that needs outdoor cradle storage and daily splashing? If so, then it’s time to “Spring Forward” at Harbortown with our latest special offer:

All new Spring Annual Contracts will have their deposit and 1st month’s rent deferred for 30 days!

We have wet slips available, including some that are ideal for catamarans. Or, if you are looking for cradle storage for your large fishing boat, you’ve come to the right place!

As always, we splash boats 7 days a week, 364 days per year, 8am to 4pm within an hour. Requesting a splash in a cinch – Just call our office, or use the Harbortown “On-the-Go” app, available for iOS and Android.

For more information about the “Spring Forward” Special, or to request a tour, call the office at 321-453-0160, or email us at