Harbortown’s Customer Appreciation Event – Nov. 8th, 2014

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November will be our “Thankful Month” here at Harbortown

As a “Thank You” to our wonderful customers, Harbortown Marina will host a Customer Appreciation Event on Saturday, November 8th, from 4:00pm – 8:00pm. We would like to invite each of our customers to join us at the new Family Spot for an evening of fun and festivities!

For customers interested in taking advantage of our Referral Rewards program, this is an ideal time to invite a friend interested in the marina out for a tour.

The Event will Feature:

  • A Live D.J.
  • Special Gifts for Residents
  • Burger & Dogs
  • Drinks
  • Corn Hole, Horseshoes, a Fire Pit, and other activities at the new Family Spot

We hope to see the entire Harbortown community out enjoying this free event in honor of you, our customer!

Please stop by the Office or Call to RSVP: (321) 453-0160

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Travelers Welcome! Things to Do During Your Stay in One of Our Transient Boat Slips

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Here in Florida, the fall and winter months are always exciting for us because we get to meet so many transient boaters from up north that stop in for a short-term stay. We have many transient boat slips available, and periodically offer special transient dockage rates.

If you are a traveler looking for a transient slip in the Port Canaveral area, allow us to welcome you to our beautiful marina! We offer a long list of amenities, from a crystal clear swimming pool, clean restrooms and showers, to newly updated washers and dryers, a dog run area, brand new recreation area for residents, and low-priced ethanol-free gas and diesel.

Located in a protected harbor between the Indian and Banana Rivers, Harbortown is about 2.5 miles west of Port Canaveral, and a hop, skip, and a jump away from Disney World! The location is centrally convenient, and the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. Contact our office at 321-453-0160 for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

Looking for some things to do during your stay in one of our transient boat slips?

Here are Harbortown Marina’s top choices for transient boaters – These ideas also apply for long-term residents, or just boaters enjoying the Port Canaveral area:

Dock and Dine at Local Restaurants

Local Port Canaveral restaurants, such as Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar and Fishlips, allow you to dock your boat right on site. Docking for other Port Canaveral restaurants is available at neighboring marinas. If you are looking for a great meal and don’t want to leave your transient slip at Harbortown, and check out the on-site restaurant, Nautical Spirits Bar & Grill.

Hang out at The Family Spot at Harbortown

transient boat slip

The “Family Spot” at Harbortown

This new addition to Harbortown functions as a recreation area for both residents and transient guests. The area includes barbeque grills, picnic tables with umbrellas, a fire pit, and swings for children (or adults). Cornhole sets or horseshoes can be checked out at the marina office at your leisure. Relax with members of the Harbortown community, or invite some local friends in for a cookout.

Try out Flats Fishing

Is your boat’s draft less than 2.5 feet? Head out into the Banana River, Indian River, or Mosquito lagoon for  a fun, low-key boating experience. There’s plenty of action to be had fishing for redfish, sea trout, snook, ladyfish, tarpon, catfish, black drum, jack crevalle, pompano, spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, bluefish, juvenile grouper, and flounder to name a few. Just be sure to stay out of the well-enforced No Motor Zone north of the Canaveral Lock.

Click Here for more on Flats Fishing on the Banana River, Indian River, and Mosquito Lagoon.

Head out through the Canaveral Lock for a Trolling Adventure.

Many transient boaters enjoy Port Canaveral as an offshore fishing destination due to the nice structure of its bottom, and wide variety of game fish species. Anglers come here from all over the country looking for snapper and grouper, as well as other popular sport fish.  If your boat isn’t equipped for this type of excursion, there are several reputable local fishing charter captains you can hire to take you out.

For Ocean Access from Harbortown Marina, you will need to pass through the Canaveral Lock.

Dolphin Tours

Located right at Harbortown Marina, Dolphin Tours will take you on a short guided cruise though Cocoa Beach’s Intracoastal to a remote island. There, you’ll swim out into the water to a safe distance and observe the wild dolphins, some of which will come in to check out what you’re doing.  There’s a good chance you’ll also encounter some manatee action. Collect sea shells on the sand bars near the island, and observe native Florida birds.

transient boat slip

Other Harbortown Amenities:


Don’t forget to check out our current specials page to check for transient slip specials!

transient boat slip

Best Boating Apps for iPhone (Harbortown’s Picks)

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Boating technology has been developing at an astonishing rate, and there are currently some really excellent apps available for boating and water enthusiasts. I know what you’re thinking – there’s an app available for just about anything you can think of, and it can be a pain to zero in on the apps most valuable for boaters. Another thing to keep in mind: While technology can be time-consuming and distracting on land, on the water, it can actually become very useful for creating a more predictable, enjoyable boating experience.

Here are a few boating technology apps we have researched and deemed worthy of mention on our list of Best Boating Apps for iPhone. These apps are either free, or involve a (reasonable) in-app purchase. Most are also available for Android with a quick search for the app name. Enjoy!

boating technologyWind Tracking: SailFlow

by WeatherFlow

Ideal for sailing, SailFlow is also a great tool to keep handy before heading out for a day of windsurfing or kiting. Get real-time observations and spot-on forecasts for wind conditions anywhere in the world. We deem this the best boating app for wind information.

Developer Description:

SailFlow is a mobile application to locate, monitor, analyze, and share wind data whenever, wherever, and however you want it. With over 50,000 weather stations for real-time observations and our forecast system for observations anywhere in the world we make it easy for you to find the wind data you’re after no matter where you are. SailFlow is essential equipment for sailing!

Review by Lovetadraw: “This app is great - From the real-time wind forecast maps to the wind and tide bar graph forecasts, Sailflow knows what’s up. As a sailor, I use this app daily to see what I need for the conditions. Sailflow almost always spot on in their predictions, which is why you can rely on it.”

>Click Here to View on the App Store

boating technologyTide Prediction: Hi Tide

by Bad Basenji Software

This very highly rated app is extremely useful for tracking tides and getting information about the sunrise, sunset, and moon phases. Another great thing about this boating app: You don’t need a data connection to get tide predictions, so it can be used even in remote areas where phone service is not available.

Developer Description:

Hi Tide is a top selling tide prediction application for the iPhone. Hi Tide provides fast and accurate tide predictions for over 3,100 locations along the U.S. East, West, and Gulf coasts, Alaska, Hawaii, and other U.S. territories.

Hi Tide is extremely easy and fun to use and provides you with the information you need. The tide graph shows the tide height vs. time of day. Ebb and Flood tides are color coded green and blue, respectively. Tide events are clearly labeled with time and height. The current predicted tide height is highlighted.

In addition to the tide information, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and moon illumination are displayed along the top of the graph.

Hi Tide has a unique user interface and allows quick and effortless viewing of future day predictions by simply swiping the screen to the next day (like the photo album app).

Hi Tide does not require a data connection to generate tide predictions. This allows the application to be used in remote locations where there may be poor or no cell reception.

>Click Here to View on the App Store

boating technologyAnchor Alarm: DragQueen

by ActiveCaptain

Created by ActiveCaptain, DragQueen is an essential piece of boating technology that helps boaters sleep soundly at anchor. This review by Sailorgirl2 explains why it landed on our list of best boating apps: “If you want to sleep better at anchor, use this app. Installed on the iPhone, and carried to the V-berth, it saves me getting up and doing the 360 scan during the night. Works great! Love it!”

Developer Description:

DragQueen is a simple anchor alarm. It provides distance and GPS accuracy alarms along with an alarm delay. The alarm is quite annoying and is the perfect thing to waken you at night if it detects anchor dragging to your specifications.

>Click Here to View on the App Store

Source Code Available Here

boating technologyNavigation: Skipper ~ NOAA Marine Charts, ActiveCaptain, Nautical Weather, and Tides

by TrailBehind

This great little navigation app works just as well or better than other more expensive versions. It does require in-app purchases, but they are reasonable, and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. View a mosaic of official NOAA charts (even offline), sync your waypoints, routes, tracks, and photos between your devices, get information about marinas, hazards, anchorages, and more!

Developer Description:

Skipper is mobile charts done right. A seamless chart-plotter, with data synced across all of your devices, and backed up to the cloud. Convenience and power, charts and weather, wherever you cruise.

Quote from Reviewer, PennellFSA: “I have replaced INAVX with this application as it does everything for me that INAVX does and is integrated with ActiveCaptain which is useful for trip planning.”

Norton’s Review “This boating app is a great Chart-Plotter integrated with ActiveCaptain. Perfect All-in-One for navigating, tides, winds, and just finding places to stop for a bite to eat.”

>Click Here to View on the App Store

boating technologyPort Canaveral Boaters: Harbortown “On-The-Go” App

by Stina Bee LLC

This is a great area-specific boating app that’s handy for boaters who frequent the Canaveral Barge Canal, Indian River, or Banana River near Port Canaveral. Harbortown Marina’s custom app allows users to quickly check local weather and water conditions, as well as gas prices before stopping by the marina for a fill-up. Harbortown customers enjoy the added feature of making “Splash Boat” or “Work Cradle” requests straight from the app. The app is now also available for Android on the Google Play Store.

Developer Description: 

A tool for Harbortown Marina customers and boaters planning to visit the Port Canaveral, Florida area. Customers can make Boat Splash or Work Cradle requests instantly. Check Gas Prices on our ethanol-free gas and diesel, view Local Weather reports, and stay up to date on Harbortown Marina happenings and announcements!

Review by Mark From Cocoa Beach: “I like being able to instantly check their gas prices before I go out to the marina. I also appreciate their coupons and the weather function. Easy to use app for boaters near Port Canaveral and Merritt Island.”

>Click Here to View on the App Store

boating technologyFish Feeding Exciter: Talk With Fish

by Osmic Research Company

This fishing app uses simulated sounds to draw in game fish and help stimulate them into a feeding frenzy. It requires the use of an underwater speaker, which can be purchased online. There seems to be some debate if this app is a joke or actually useful in catching fish. One reviewer used some of the sound samples while snorkeling and experienced positive results. You may just have to find out for yourself!

Developer Description:

CATCH MORE FISH! This revolutionary app from Dr. Juice is an electronic fish feeding exciter. It includes over 80 distinctive FishCalls that are underwater vibrations, tactile stimulations and sounds to draw fish from over 100 yards away. They energize the fish through their Lateral Lines and Internal Ears. The TalkWithFish Activator entices them to your fishing area and stimulates them to bite your bait. These FishCalls are the actual underwater recorded spawning calls, fish feeding sounds and bait vibrations that attract predator fish in for the kill of the prey or sex with their own species. Fish hear and feel the sounds and vibrations of food creatures before they actually see them. Most of these special, tactile vibrations are below 1000 hz, some are infrasound, actually below human hearing. Whales communicate over hundreds of miles with sound. The FishCall sound waves on this app call fish to your boat, dock, bank fishing or ice fishing area and excite them into a feeding frenzy. Plug an underwater speaker into the earphone output of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Visit TalkWithFish.com to see this app in exciting fish catching action and examine an underwater speaker for sale.

>Click Here to View on the App Store

Have you considered mounting your phone or tablet to your boat? Check out the post, “Mounting a Tablet or Other Device to Your Boat”!

Harbortown “On-The-Go” App

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Introducing the Harbortown On-The-Go App! Now Available for Android and iOS

Harbortown Marina App

This brand new app is a tool for Harbortown Marina customers and boaters planning to visit the Port Canaveral, Florida, area. Customers can now quickly and easily make Boat Splash or Work Cradle requests. Check Gas Prices on our ethanol-free gas and diesel, view Local Weather reports, and stay up to date on Harbortown Marina happenings and announcements!

Make Boat Splash or Work Cradle Requests

With the app, Harbortown Marina Customers can make Boat Splash or Work Cradle requests instantly! Just enter your Last Name, your Splash Password, the Time you’d like your boat to be ready, toggle the Request Type you are making, and hit “Send Request”.

Once you make a request, a Harbortown Marina Crew Member will respond with a confirmation. You can choose whether you are contacted via Text, Call, or Email.

Check Gas Prices

Harbortown Marina offers ethanol-free gas and diesel on site for your convenience. Check Gas Prices before you arrive at the pump straight from the app!

Check the Local Weather

With the tap of a finger, check the local weather at Harbortown Marina (2 miles west of Port Canaveral), or toggle ‘Current Location’ to view the weather where you are.


Stay up to date with what’s going on at Harbortown and in the Port Canaveral area with the Announcements section. We will also send important notices through push notifications, if you enable this feature.

[Click Here to Download the Harbortown App on Google Play]

[Click Here to Download the Harbortown App for iOS Devices]